Wine In A Morning

English Drinking Songs

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Who’s to say that drinking and merriment is reserved for the evening? In this English Drinking Song composer Henry Purcell declares that those who drink during the day are the true lovers of liquor. For, it is the sun that gives life to the grapes, with which we make our wine. Let us give praise to the sun and drink while he shines!


Wine in a morning makes us frollick and gay
Like eagles we soar in the pride of the day;
Gouty sots in the night only find a decay.

‘Tis the sun ripes the grape and to drinking gives light:
We imitate him when by noon we’re at height;
They steal wine who take when he’s out of sight.

Boy, fill all the glasses, fill’em up now, he shine,
The higher he rises, the more he refines;
But wine and wit palls as their maker declines.

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