Tom Jolly’s Nose

English Drinking Songs

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Poor Tom Jolly. He was born with a bright red nose. In this English Drinking Song composer Henry Aldrich brings to life the character of Tom Jolly and his red nose. Those in the pub make fun of Tom and say “Drink a cool glass before your nose explodes!”


Tom Jolly’s nose I mean to abuse;
Thy jolly nose Tom provokes my muse;
Thy nose, jolly Tom that shines so bright,
I’ll easily follow it by its own light;

Thy nose, Tom Jolly, no jest will it bear,
Although it yields matter enough and to spare;
But jolly Tom’s nose, for all he can do,
Breeds worms in itself, and in our heads too!

Tom’s nose, jolly Tom’s nose,
The more it is banter’d the more it glows;
Then drink to Tom Jolly a cooling glass,
Or jolly Tom’s nose will fire in his face!

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