Most Popular St. Patrick’s Day Songs

St. Patrick’s Day, also known as “The Feast of St. Patrick,” is celebrated every year on March 17th. This day is to celebrate the most famous patron saint of Ireland and the arrival of Christianity to Ireland. Despite the fact that St. Patrick’s Day is considered a day of festivities and lots of drinking, it is recognized by the Catholic Church as an important religious holiday. The following is a list of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day songs, with free sheet music included!

Fairytale of New York – The Pogues

Irish Drinking SongsFairytale of New York is a famous Irish drinking song written by The Pogues, arguably one of the most iconic Irish bands of the last 100 years. Fairytale of New York is normally sung during the holidays, and was especially written for Christmas. However, this has also become a common addition to the collection of St. Patrick’s Day songs as well. What good is St. Patrick’s Day without tale of women, police and whiskey!

Download Fairytale of New York Sheet Music

Whiskey in the Jar – The Dubliners

Irish Drinking SongsThe theme of this St. Patrick’s Day song is obvious, but of course comes alive with the Irish spirit found in many St. Patrick’s Day songs. Whiskey in the Jar is a traditional Irish that has been sung by many different bands. The most famous rendition is by The Dubliners. The story of Whiskey in the Jar is set in the southern mountains of Ireland. This is one of the most widely performed tradition Irish songs and is often heard during St. Patrick’s Day.

Download Whiskey in the Jar Sheet Music

Wild Rover (No, Nay, Never) – The Dubliners

Wild Rover Irish Drinking SongThe Wild Rover is one of the staple Irish Drinking Songs and is often heard during St. Patrick’s Day and other celebrations. The song’s true origins are unknown, but this drinking song is one of the most well known and is heard in Irish and Scottish pubs around the world. Wild Rover is widely popular because of its rowdy lyrics and the way the entire pub gets drawn into singing the hooks (No, Nay, Never!). This is great song for mixed groups and allows first time Irish pub visitors to become immersed in the Irish drinking culture.

Download Wild Rover Sheet Music

Beer, Beer, Beer

Irish Drinking SongsBeer, Beer, Beer is an Irish drinking song made famous by the Clancy Brothers. As you may have guessed, the theme of Beer, Beer, Beer is…beer. This song speaks of a fictional character by the name of Charlie Mops who is attributed with inventing beer. The songs is used as a tribute to the beverage and its inebriating qualities.  We will always sing and praise the great Charlie Mops for his great contribution to humanity: Beer, Beer, Beer!

Download Beer, Beer, Beer Sheet Music

Danny Boy

Danny Boy Sheet MusicWritten by Frederic Weatherly in 1910, “Danny Boy” is a ballad set to the original Irish tune titled, “Londonderry Air.” Danny Boy is considered by many as a signature Irish song and is often heard during Irish funerals. Despite it’s sad lyrics and soft music, Danny Boy is sometimes considered an Irish drinking song and can be heard in pubs for St. Patrick’s Day and at other events.

Download Danny Boy Sheet Music

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