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Tom Jolly’s Nose

Poor Tom Jolly. He was born with a bright red nose. In this English Drinking Song composer Henry Aldrich brings to life the character of Tom Jolly and his red nose. Those

Here’s a Health

Henry Purcell wrote this English Drinking Song in the late 17th century. At the end of the song Purcell mentions Roger Hewett, an unknown historical figure. Perhaps he wrote this song for

Call George Again, Boy

Everyone has their favorite bartender. This is nothing new. In this English Drinking Song the boy George is the favorite amongst the customers. They ask for him by name and composer John

Wine In A Morning

Who’s to say that drinking and merriment is reserved for the evening? In this English Drinking Song composer Henry Purcell declares that those who drink during the day are the true lovers

The Soldier’s Song

“The Soldier’s Song” is song found in pubs and all over Ireland. Not only is it a common Irish Drinking Song, but it is the Irish National Anthem. The song has three

Down with Bacchus

Another politically geared English Drinking Song by Henry Purcell. The animosity between the English and the French is obvious. Lyrics Down, down with Bacchus: From this hour Renounce the grape’s tyranick pow’r;