No More Booze

Drinking Songs

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This American Drinking Song touches on the pitfalls of drunkenness. Before bottling had been perfected, people would go to the local bar or saloon with a container to fill up and take home. Apparently this place didn’t serve booze on Sundays. We’ve come a long way!


There was a little man and he had a little can
And he used to rush the growler,
He went to the saloon, on a Sunday afternoon,
And you ought to hear the bartender holler:

cho: No more booze, no more booze,
No more booze on Sunday,
No more booze, no more booze,
Got to get your can filled Monday.
She’s the only girl I love,
With a face like a horse and buggy,
Leaning up against the lake
O fireman save my child!

The chambermaid came to my door
“Get up, you lazy sinner!
We need those sheets for table cloths
And its almost time for dinner.”

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