Drinking, Drinking, Drinking

Scottish Drinking Songs

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A Scottish Drinking Song developed from an old German Trinklied. This song is just straight up dedicated to drinking. Obvious, I know…


In cellar cool at ease I sit, upon a barrel resting.
In merry mood I loudly call, the finest wine requesting.
The cellarman, the beaker fills. My lips I soon am linking,
And deep and long the luscious draught I’m drinking, drinking, drinking.

That demon thirst is quite a plague, but so that I may scare him,
Again I raise the beaker high, and, boldly quaffing, dare him.
The world seems cloth’d in rosy tints. Its clouds to nought are shrinking.
I feel a friend to ev’ry man while drinking, drinking, drinking.

But still I find the more I drink, the more my thirst increases.
In fact, a toper’s lot is this: his craving seldom ceases!
Yet never mind; the day is long, and till the sun is sinking,
My duty to good wine I’ll do by drinking, drinking, drinking.

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