Best Scottish Drinking Songs

Scottish folk and drinking songs are part of a historic tradition, usually found in more rural areas. Songs are passed down by word or mouth and singing along and are rarely found in formal sheet music. However, due to the great work by Robert Burns, many of Scotland’s great music has been preserved.

Twanky Dillo

This traditional Scottish Drinking Song is usually found as an anthem for the blacksmith, celebrating his strong arm and brawny body. There is also a version of this song that has been

The Good Rhein Wine

The “Rhein” is the German word for Rhine, a major river that flows through Europe. This Scottish Drinking Song is dedicated to the many varieties of wine produced along the Rhine River.

Peck O’ Maut

“Maut” is the Scottish variant of malt and was used for brewing ale. This Scottish Drinking Song written by Scotland’s National Poet Robert Burns is loved by brewers who enjoy making their

Johnny Lad

This Scottish Drinking Song is rousing song to sing in your local pub and carries the cheerful theme of love. Lyrics Oh ken ye my love Johnny He’s down on yonder lea,

Silver Tassie

The “tassie” is a type of cup, usually in the form of a goblet. This Scottish Drinking Song refers to a “silver tassie” filled with wine for a soldier before he goes

I Belong to Glasgow

A popular Scottish Drinking Song particular to the inhabitants of Glasgow, Scotland. Lyrics I’ve been wi’ a couple o’ cronies, One or two pals o’ my ain; We went in a hotel,