Best Scottish Drinking Songs

Scottish folk and drinking songs are part of a historic tradition, usually found in more rural areas. Songs are passed down by word or mouth and singing along and are rarely found in formal sheet music. However, due to the great work by Robert Burns, many of Scotland’s great music has been preserved.

Gae Bring to me a Pint O’ Wine

Written by Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Poet and most celebrated folk artist, this Scottish Drinking Song celebrates life, love, the beauty of Scotland and of course, wine! Lyrics In green Caledonia there

There is a Tavern in the Town

Why do people go to drink? To forget about their worries. This Scottish Drinking Song speaks to the sorrow of a woman who’s true love goes to the local tavern to drink

Drinking, Drinking, Drinking

A Scottish Drinking Song developed from an old German Trinklied. This song is just straight up dedicated to drinking. Obvious, I know… Lyrics In cellar cool at ease I sit, upon a

My Love, She’s but a Lassie Yet

This Scottish Drinking Song was written by Scotland’s National Poet Robert Burns. Lyrics My love, she’s but a lassie yet, My love, she’s but a lassie yet! We’ll let her stand a

Jock Stewart

The Scottish Drinking Song is originally an Irish narrative ballad that has been shortened to an Aberdeenshire drinking song. It is essentially Jeannie Robertson’s version, slightly modified by Archie Fisher in the

Peck O’ Maut

“Maut” is the Scottish variant of malt and was used for brewing ale. This Scottish Drinking Song written by Scotland’s National Poet Robert Burns is loved by brewers who enjoy making their