Best German Drinking Songs

Schubert’s Skolie No. 283

As a young composer Schubert composed many German Drinking Songs, including 10 skolie. Originally a Skolion was a Greek drinking song in which the cup is passed from drinker to drinker until

Schubert’s Trinklied No. 29

Odd enough, Schubert composed this German Drinking Song in Latin. The german composers were known for their playful and sometimes sarcastic humor in their music. Latin, the language of Rome, and more

Schubert’s Trinklied No. 16

“Trinklied” is a German Drinking Song and in this composition Franz Schubert has composed the original voice to begin and then a three part harmony amongst three men, two tenors and a

Schubert’s Trinklied No. 18

This German Drinking Song was composed by Franz Schubert when he was a young man, just 18 years old! I can imagine the 19th century German bars filled with good bear, great