Best German Drinking Songs


“Weinlied” is a German Drinking Song specifically about wine or wein in German. Lyrics Lustig zu sein beim kühlen Wein hab ich mir für genommen. Ein jeder nu das seine tu und

Schubert’s Trinklied No. 8

This German Drinking Song begins with one voice and is later joined by two other voices to create a trio. It was originally written for two tenors and a bass, but can

Beethoven’s Trinklied No. 282

Ludwig van Beethoven was a musical genius, but he also had quite a sense of humor. In this German Drinking Song, as in some of his canons and other short pieces, he

Schubert’s Trinklied No. 17

Franz Schubert composed this “Trinklied,” a German Drinking Song for four male voices (two tenors and two bass). This lively drinking song is arranged with a piano accompaniment. Lyrics Auf! Jeder sei

Schubert’s Trinklied No. 53

Join Franz Schubert and others with this raucous German Drinking Song. As a young man, Schubert produced over 20 “Trinklied” or drinking songs and this is one of them! Lyrics Schlacht, du

Schubert’s Skolie No. 154

“Skolie” is a type of rousing German Drinking Song that originated in Greece. Many of these folk songs were taken by Germany’s greatest composers, in this case Franz Schubert, and set to