Best American Drinking Songs

Ever since the founding of the original colonies, our American brethren composed drinking songs to celebrate, motivate and lose oneself. During the revolution, the pubs were the center of politics. Many revolutionary meetings were held in a pub and many of the founding fathers were ardent brewers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Drinking and singing is part of the American heritage and is proud to keep that tradition alive!

I Used to Work in Chicago

“I Used to Work in Chicago” is a raunchy American Drinking Song about an employee who would make sexual advances at all the women who would come into his place of employment.

Sheep-Shearing Song

The “Sheep-Shearing Song” is an American Drinking Song that shares the love of raising sheep and good drink Lyrics Come all my jolly boys, and we’ll together go Together with our masters

Farewell to Grog

This American Drinking Song pays tribute to grog, a drink often made with “weak beer” or rum. The practice of serving grog twice a day carried over into the Continental Navy and

Drunkard’s Child

“Drunkard’s Child” is not a traditional happy-go-lucky drinking song. This sad American Drinking Song outlines the life of a child whose mother has died and her father is a drunkard. Lyrics I’m

Good Ale

This American Drinking Song pays tribute to beer and good ale. Any time of day or night, good ale is there to comfort you. Lyrics It is of good ale to you

Rosin the Beau

This American Drinking Song is dedicated to a real drinker, Rosin the Beau. Even after death Rosin the Beau is calling for whiskey and good drink! This song was first published in