Care, Thou Canker of our Joys

English Drinking Songs

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This English Drinking Song is full of metaphor and speaks to the “drown your sorrows” theme of drinking. To rid themselves of care and worry (the tyrant) they drink. Kentish Harmony wrote this song in the early 1800s and with the last line sums it all up. During the day they are miserable and vulgar, but the night brings cheer and happiness!


Care, thou canker of our joys,
Now thy tyrant reign is o’er!
Fill the merry bowl, my boys!
Join the bacchanalian roar!

Seize the villian, plunge him in!
See, the hated miscreant dies!
Mirth, and all thy train, come in!
Banish sorrow, tears and sighs!

O’er the merry midnight bowl,
Oh, happy shall we be!
Day was made for vulgar souls,
Night, my boys, for you and me!

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