Drink Dear Friends, Drink

French Soiree

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“Buvons chers amis, buvons” is a French Drinking Song about sharing times with good friends and good drink. Time is fleeting and let us enjoy it while it lasts and “Drink dear friends, drink.”


Buvons chers amis, buvons.
Le temps qui fuit nous y convie
Profitons de la vie autant que nous pouvons:
Buvons chers amis, buvons

On a passé l’on de noir.
Dépêchons nous de boire,
On ne boit pas toujours.
Buvons chers amis, buvons.

Les biens, le savoir et la gloire.
Et ce n’est qu’à bien boire.
Que l’on peutêtre heureux.
Buvons chers amis, buvons.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION (With the help of Google)

Drink dear friends, drink.
Time is fleeting and we’re invited
To enjoy life to its fullest.
Drink dear friends, drink.

We had a dark one. (A rough day perhaps?)
We hurry to drink,
It still does not suffice.
Drink dear friends, drink.

Wealth, knowledge and glory.
And it was only to drink.
Perhaps we are already happy.
Drink dear friends, drink.

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