Brindisi | Verdi’s Macbeth

Italian Drinking Song

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Si colmi il calice divino e letto,
Nasca il diletto, muoja il dolor.
Da noi s’in volino gli odie e gli adegni,
Folleggi e regni qui solo amor. Amor.

Gustiamo il balsma d’ogni ferita che nuova vitari donail cor.
Casciam le torbide cure dal petto nasca il diletto…Muoja il dolor.
Muoja il dolor, nasca nasca il diletto,
Muoja muoja nasca il diletto, Muojail dolor,

Casciam le torbide. Care dal Petto,
Nasca il diletto muoja il dolor
Ah!, muoja, muoja,
Ah!, muoja, muoja dolor.


Aye! fill the cup again,
Fill to o’er flowing!
Hearts with it glowing
Laugh at all pain!

By this true gage disown Fear, Hate and Malice,
And pledge..each chalice to love alone!
To love! Drink deep!’Tis balm divine For mem’ry’s anguish:
And hopes that languish grow bold in wine!

Then fill the cup again,
Fill to o’er flowing!
Hearts with it glowing…
Laugh at all pain.

Laugh at all pain, Aye!
Fill again to o’er flowing.
Aye! Fill again

Hearts with glowing.
Laugh, yes laugh at all…pain!
Aye! Fill the cup again,
Fill to o’er flowing

Hearts with it glowing
Laugh at all pain.
Yes laugh at all pain!
Aye! Fill and laugh at all pain.

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